It's Kinda A Funny Story

While I was in Texas I was looking desperately for the book “It’s Kind of a Funny Story”. I have heard that it is quite an amazing book. So my mother and I went to Barnes and Noble because I couldn’t find it at Half Price Books… To show how much I wanted to read this book, I was actually willing to pay full price for it. Plus I didn’t want the movie poster cover (I just think those are so lame… I want to envision the characters how I create them in my mind. I don’t want to picture some actor. I want someone that I can’t recognize in magazines and movies.) So… Mom and I are at Barnes and Nobles and I find the book I am looking for. I was ecstatic! I was excited to be able to read it on the plane ride home (which baffles me because I should have already known that I get very sick on plane rides and can hardly stand to look at my ipod for more then a minute at a time. I had to buy some Dramamine to sooth my nausea.) I decided to browse around in the journal section to see if I found anything that I could get for my dear friends birthday. Then all of a sudden this book on the shelf across the way catches my eye. I walk swiftly to it so that I may pull it from it’s place on the shelf and read it with enthusiasm because that is the only way that you can read a book that looks this amazing. Once the book is safely in my hands I look at the amazingly beautiful cover… Here it is.

Handmade Weddings! I think to myself… “Courtney is getting married soon and I know that she wants to make most of her decor. I must get this for her!” Mind you, I hadn’t even opened the book yet. I look to the price tag. It reads “27.95”. I never buy books full price unless I feel like I need it. Even more so, I never buy books that cost more then $15.00. My opinion is that I can check it out at the library or buy it half price elsewhere. Before I had even opened the book I decided to buy the book, and not even as a present to Courtney, I was buying it for myself. I tell my mom and she says “Your not getting married any time soon I hope?” I reply “No mom, but I could use this for my future wedding, and help with Courtney’s wedding. Plus! I could make some of these things into non-wedding stuff and give them my own personal flair.” She agrees. I then open the book to find the most amazing craft ideas I’ve ever seen compiled together in one handy little book that weighs roughly a pound. That was it, I was walking out of the store with that book. Then my mother says “You could get it off Amazon cheaper.” Mom’s always ruin your plans by giving you advice that will ultimately help you out in the future.
Suffice to say, I walked out of the store with only one book “It’s Kind Of a Funny Story”….
Good News is that I found the very same book on Amazon for $14.95 and at my local library! So I have checked it out! I still plan to buy it in the near future, but for now I will take advantage of this loan. I have decided to start a project similar to that movie with Amy Adams where she makes all the recipies out of a cook book and then blogs about it. I will not be doing one a day, but I will be doing them all. I look forward to sharing this Handmade Wedding journey with you.

Also, Courtney and I are going to put up some new items very soon! The picture bellow is a sneak preview of what is to come! 

What do you think?

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