So you know that really awesome camera I got for Christmas? The one that is technicolor and shoots film? You know how I said that most of the pictures I took in Texas were on that camera?
Well the other day I got them developed….
I have got sad news…. Like an idiot I took that camera through airport security. Yep. The xray ruined my film. Five pictures turned out.
This is the only one that turned out from Texas. It is of the sun shining through the trees at our ranch. I feel like the left part of the picture is part of another picture that I took. Maybe of this old truck that is stuck in the ground… but it’s kind of hard to tell.

The rest are stupid pictures that I took right before I took my film in to get developed…

My shoes turned out pretty good I guess.

I thought this might be clever. But it really wasn’t.
I won’t show you the rest because, well frankly, they are just plain sad…
I am really mad… but I was halfway expecting it…
Better luck next time.

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