A couple things I don't say enough.

When I created this blog I decided that it would be a place to share adventures, stories, do it yourself, and just anything on my mind. I also decided to make it mostly secular. I didn’t want to offend, pressure, or push anyone away with my beliefs. I chose this because a lot of my friends and family that do read my blog (Thanks!) are not of my faith.
Today I realized that I would be really ungrateful if I didn’t at least share at least a small part of such a huge part of my life. 
I wasn’t born into the church. No one in my family are members. I chose this religion for myself and have never doubted that decision.
I am so grateful for the experiences and people that lead me to the church, because I honestly have no idea where I would be today without it. I know that I am on the right path and I know that if I continue to walk on it I will be forever happy. 
I have never felt as loved and blessed as I do now, and I know that this is just the beginning.
P.S. If you have any kind questions, comments, or personal stories that you would like to share please feel free to contact me. Please keep it nice.
P.S.S. If your familiar (or not) with Mormon.org this is my profile.

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