Baby Steps.

Baby steps to the door. Baby steps out the door. Baby steps into the hallway. (What about Bob?) 
A lot has changed since my last blog entry. First of all I started a diet. Not actually a diet. Ok so it’s kind of like a diet. But the word “diet” is such a horrible word. That word frightens people like me. I would call what I am embarking on a lifestyle change. I am refraining from large amounts of sodium. So basically I am eating fruits, veggies, and lean meats. From being a poor college student, I have been eating pretty much Ramon, Mac & Cheese, and cheap pasta dinners. I am tired of feeling tired, and slow, and unhealthy. Feeling better is my goal.

(The foods that I have that do not fit into my lifestyle change.)

 (Salsa that Courtney made. It was the bomb diggity.)

 (Courtney enjoying her Salsa.)

 (The little pooping chicken that Ashley got me for Easter. He now sits atop our microwave next to our cook books.)
 (Retro Kitchen Clock. I love.)

 (Cork boards…)

(Me cooking chicken! It was Italian flavored! It was surprisingly good.)

(My signature expression.)

I just am excited to take my baby steps towards a more secure and healthier lifestyle. I have dubbed this summer as the summer of new opportunities and changes! I’ve decided to take chances and do everything in my power to become who I want to be, and to do what I want to do. I have always thought that I couldn’t do things. I would never get what I want because for some reason I am limited to what I can do. The words of my best friend Kaitlyn helped me to change this point of view. When she was in town a couple weeks ago and we were at Liberty Park just talking about life. She told me that if you want something bad enough you will find a way to get it. If you view yourself as having limitations on what you can do, you will never achieve anything. She also pointed out some great attributes that I have that I never even knew I possessed. Aren’t friends wonderful!? 
More to come.

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